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Good Documentation Practices

Good Documentation Practices

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Good Documentation Practices

Good Documentation Practices (GDP or GDocP) are essential for maintaining the integrity and quality of records and documents in various fields. Let’s explore these practices:


a. Written information in GMP documents can’t be changed, erased, and washed off.

b. Use specific colored ballpoint pens only.

c. Do not use a pencil, water solution ink pen, felt tips pen, etc.


a. easily accessible.

b. easy to read.

c. No error or overwriting.

d. if any error is found after recording the data, cross out incorrect information with a single line. Enter correct data, sign, and date near correction.

e. All corrections should be done in such a way that the previous entry is legible and should be explained in brief.

f. Do not scribe out or blackout with pen, white out (use of whitener) or write over.


a. Calculations are duly verified and information is recorded with care.

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