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India Regulatory Services


Bhargava Consulting Group is the driving force to accelerate your registration process, ensuring a smooth journey without hindrances. Our extensive experience, professional relationships, and practical expertise in the field are designed to facilitate your progress. By choosing BCG, you will benefit from expert advice, round-the-clock support, practical guidance, and comprehensive technical assistance from initiation to culminating your market entry in India.

Our Regulatory Services Include:

  1. Regulatory Consultation

  2. Regulatory Compliance

  3. New Product Development

  4. Support for Regulatory Documents

  5. Product Licensing and Change Control Handling

  6. Support for Testing and Certification

  7. CDSCO Audit Support

Categories of Products:

Our services include regulatory solutions for Medical Devices, Drugs, Biologicals, Food, In-vitro Diagnostics, and Cosmetics

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