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Talent Management Solution


In today’s dynamic business needs, screening becomes an important aspect of the talent acquisition and recruitment process. To get highly efficient professionals, the screening process should be properly Defined and well executed.

Bhargava Consulting Group provides highly targeted and 360-degree talent acquisition solutions. We do all kinds of staffing. this includes; 


  1. Permanent staffing

  2. Temporary staffing

  3. Campus recruitment

Our Process of Talent AcquisitionWe start with understanding organization's requirement – the position, the attitude needed, the qualifications and the kind of experience, looking for.

We create a job description that defines the requirement in detail. This step is very crucial. A proper Job description helps in attracting the right kind of resources. Hence, it acts like the first step of filtration – a very important part of the talent acquisition strategies.

Once the Job description is established, the next step is to approach the right kind of databases for talent hunt. This can prove to be a very tedious as well as time consuming work. One has to go through all available databases to approach the targeted professionals. Our talent acquisition strategy combs through all the available resources in a quick and efficient way to approach the right talent.

As a part of further screening exercises, we do an extensive background check. This helps in understanding whether the candidates are fit for organization. Then we provide the necessary training and guidance to make them the most eligible candidate for the required position.

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