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Training Management


All organizations require a complete training management system to make employees competent to deliver quality output in their work and perform their work smartly.

The Training management system is required by the organization to fulfill the regulatory requirement as well as international standard (ISO) requirements to fulfill the requirement of the quality management system as well.

Major Training Topics

  1. Human Resource Policies 

  2. Training management 

  3. Quality Management System

  4. Employee Improvement Process

  5. Employee Development Process

  6. Leave Policies 

  7. Payroll System

  8. ESI Process 

  9. ISO 9001

  10. ISO 14971

  11. ISO 13485

  12. ISO 9000 

  13. MDR

  14. MDD

  15. IVDR

  16. Documentation System

  17. Validation System 

  18. Suppliers Management etc.

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