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Comprehensive Human Resource, Regulatory, Compliance, and QMS solutions in India.

Bhargava Consulting Group specializes in recruitment and consulting services for HR, IVD, Medical Devices, Laboratories, and Pharmaceuticals.

Our Services in India

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India Regulatory Services

Product licensing

Training Management

Plant Set Up

Employee Relations Strategy and Management

Regulatory Services

Talent Management Solution


Recruitment Servieces

Sterilization Validation and Product Validation

Human Resource & Recruitment

We offers Recruitment and Staffing, Payroll and Compensation, Employee Relations, Health and Safety, Organizational Culture and Employee Engagement, Workforce Planning, Performance Management, Employee Records and Documentation, and HR Technology services.

Regulatory, QMS & Plant Set Up

We provide a range of services including Product Development and Product Licensing at CDSCO, establishment of Quality Management Systems in compliance with regulatory and ISO requirements, ISO Certifications, Plant Set up in compliance with statutory & regulatory requirements, and preparation of product technical files for regulatory & ISO purposes.

Training Management  and Resume Writing

We provide training services related to human resources procedures in line with regulatory, statutory, and ISO requirements. Additionally, we offer training for quality management systems for IVD medical devices, medical devices, pharmaceuticals, laboratories, food and beverage industries, and more. We also assist job seekers with professional resume writing.

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Bhargava Consulting Group

Bhargava Consulting Group is a premier consulting firm offering comprehensive career guidance and job placement support services. From career planning to job search to interview preparation, Bhargava Consulting Group ensures that clients achieve success in their chosen career paths.

Bhargava Consulting Group
Bhargava Consulting Group
Bhargava Consulting Group


We provide recruitment and human resource services to various industries. However, for the medical device, IVD medical devices, and medical and diagnostics testing laboratories, we offer regulatory compliance services, quality management system development, product licensing assistance, and plant setup services.

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